This web page will be the ongoing story of my trip across the US and the move to Anchorage, Alaska


I’ll try to post a new message and a few new photos every couple of days so you can keep up with our progress and share our exploits.  Click on the links below to open our latest message and photos, or click the links at the bottom of the page to send us an e-mail.


As of 7/27/03, day 33, we’ve visited 12 states, 4 provinces, and driven 6,684 miles through 5 time zones.


We made it!!!



3/29/03  Pre-trip photos                                         7/23/03  Alaska Highway


5/24/03  “New” camper                                          7/24/03  More photos of the Canadian Rockies


6/3/03  Getting ready for the trip                             7/27/03  New Home


6/25/03  We’re on the Road!                                  8/2/03    Hiking near home


6/28/03  Niagara Falls & Ontario


7/1/03  Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


7/4/03  Minnesota/South Dakota


7/5/03  Badlands National Park, SD


7/8/03  Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse,

            Jewel Cave, Devil’s Tower


7/11/03  Wyoming/Yellowstone NP


7/12/03  Yellowstone/Old Faithful


7/16/03  Grand Teton NP/Montana


7/17/03  Glacier NP


7/20/03  Banff, BC/Canadian Rockies






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