Winter 2007


It’s been a very long, very cold, and very busy winter up here in Alaska.  I made a quick trip back to Maine in December, and then Cecelia decided her heart really was up here in Alaska after all, and she moved back up in January.


Since then, we’ve been very active, getting her moved in to her temporary apartment, and getting her settled into living in Alaska again.  She just recently signed on a new house of her own, about 8 miles from where I live, so we moved her yet again.


During the times we weren’t moving her, we’ve been out skiing and skating, and enjoying life in the Great Land.  We volunteered for the Iditarod as dog handlers again this year (another link posted on the home page), and have managed to keep ourselves quite occupied.


As I write this, in mid-April, we’re finally into break-up and the temperatures are mostly staying above the freezing point overnight, and up to the 40’s during the day.  The snow’s starting to melt, and the ice on the rivers might let go in another couple of weeks.  Can fishing be far behind?  It’s starting to get light around 6 AM, and staying light till after 10 PM.  Soon we’ll be doing the “midnight sun”.


Each year, the gray whales migrate this way, and Cecelia and I have planned a trip to Seward to take a whale watching trip.  Check back in a couple of weeks for photos of mountains meeting the water and (hopefully) some whales!