I had already put my rods away when one of the CRNAs I work with asked me if I wanted to try some grayling fishing near his house.  It didn’t take me long to get my rods back out of closet!


He lives up in Hatcher Pass on the same creek I fished a couple of weeks ago and got skunked.  Got skunked this time, too, but found a real nice stream that supports king salmon, dolly varden, rainbows and grayling.  We knew there were in fact grayling in the stream, cause his 10 year old son caught a nice 12-14 incher slinging a lure.  It was the only fish the three of us got, and he was quite pleased with himself to have out-fished his dad and his friend.


I’m officially blaming the skunk on the lateness of the season.  The sun never got to the stream, and by 2 PM we were quite cold, as it was in the 30’s down in the valley at streamside.  We’d fish for 15 minutes, get out and try to warm up for 15 minutes, fish for 15 minutes…..


The trail in was very steep, and those of you who have accompanied me into Huston Brook Pond will know what I mean by steep.  The stream was very beautiful, though, and is the first place I’ve been to up here that remotely resembles the Carrabassett, my “home” waters back in Maine.


It’s fall here, and right now the trees, brush, and tundra have turned gold.  None of the trees up here turn red, only the fireweed that grows everywhere does that. The 2-week fall season is almost over, though, and winter will soon hit us.  Time to think about getting some new cross-country skis!