After all the trial and tribulations of moving, unpacking, starting new jobs and basically starting a new life, we finally took a weekend to enjoy our surroundings and have some fun.We headed north towards the Matanuska Glacier and Long Lake, a lake with plenty of rainbow trout in, it to do some camping and fishing.


We loaded the campa back on the truck and threw on the canoe, headed out and got there about 2 hours later.Most of the camp sites were right off the road, but we found one that was off in the woods and more secluded, but not right on the lake.We took it, even though it meant we had to lug the canoe a little ways.


The lake is over a mile long (hence itís name) and we found the best fishing at the far end, of course.The wind came up, and paddling back to camp was a chore.It started raining just as we got there, and rained all night and all the next morning.We did catch fish, though.Small ones, 10-14 inches, but it was almost every cast.Cecelia kept some for supper.


It cleared out around noon the Sunday, so we went out again, and again caught fish hand over fist.This time we kept some for the freezer, but most went back into the lake.Monday we headed home again, refreshed and ready to go back to work on Tuesday (yeah, right!)


The yellow colors on the trees in the photos means that itís already fall here, and summer is over.Thereís already new snow on the mountaintops.~~Heavy Sigh~~Next week we hope to do some hiking in the mountains close to home.

Fishing at Long Lake


Matanuska Glacier


Matanuska River