Spring has finally sprung up here.The snowís gone, the birds are back, and things are turning green with a vengeance in our 19 hours of sunlight per day.Time to get out and enjoy Alaska!!


Two weekends ago we took a day off and went fishing on some of the lakes near our house.The mosquitoes werenít too bad and there were plenty of 12-14 inch Rainbows to be caught.


Memorial Weekend we went further afield, heading up to Talkeetna (2 hours up the road towards Denali) with the camper.We fished 4 lakes up there, including one that we had to cross a lake and then do portage to get to.The fish were few and far between, but it was fun to camp out and be outdoors all day.


The streams are just starting to become active again, but any stream that has a salmon run that you can drive to is strictly combat fishing.I donít need to catch the big one so badly that Iíll endure the masses of people!Iím led to believe that small streams without salmon runs are in existence with nice populations of Rainbows and Dolly Varden, itís just a matter of befriending the right person to find out where they are.


This past weekend we gave the fish a rest and went hiking on the mountain across from our home.†† Rendezvous Peak is directly across from our house and rises to 4000 feet.From the top we were able to look over into Anchorage from one side and at our house from the other.We got a head start by driving to a ski resort on the Anchorage side to the 2500 foot level, then hiking up the last 1500 feet from there.Weíre sore today, but it was great to get out and enjoy the view!