Things have been kind of quiet here the past couple of weeks, what with the weather getting colder and the daylight gradually getting shorter.The temps are having a hard time getting to the 50ís during a sunny day, and sunrise is 8:35 and sunset is 6:55.


Last weekend we took in our first hockey game when the Univ. of Alaska Anchorage put on an exhibition game here in Eagle River.Unfortunately, they got wiped out.They played UA Fairbanks this weekend (where Cecelia worked last year), and actually won, so maybe thereís hope for them.


We also did our first Bazaar together.This is where all the local artists and crafters get together in a gym, arena, etc, and sell their wares.All kinds of neat stuff to see (and spend money on!!), and a lot of gorgeous items made by the Native Americans.The one we went to had over 270 booths, and we blew the afternoon and some serious coin there.


This weekend I got to spend in a classroom taking the pediatric advanced life support class, which my malpractice insurance company insisted I have, while Cecelia hikes along the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet, south of Anchorage.Guess who had more fun?


Some photos of the mountains we live near.All were taken either from the house, or within a mile or two of it.


The scenery from Ceceliaís hike along Turnagain Arm


Fluff and Aurora are getting to know each other-slowly!


The South Branch of the Eagle River

Itís gray because itís glacier fed


The moon setting, just before sunrise, from our front porch