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Maine is an incredible state.  In 2003 a very dear friend of mine announced that he was moving to Alaska.  We enjoyed fishing, camping and hiking together in Maine for over 15 years and we both earned our Master Maine Guide licenses together.  Alaska is a mecca for fly fishing opportunities as well as enjoying many other outdoor activities.  My wife asked me if I envied him the life change of becoming an Alaskan citizen and I told her that there was still too much to do here in Maine.  The more I thought about this the genesis of an idea formed, a life challenge for myself.  Perhaps it will be a pipe dream but I thought about how large this state is and how there are corners I have yet to see.

So here's the plan; I want to catalog an outdoor adventure in every civil division in the state.  Maine's Geographic Information Service lists 914 civil divisions in Maine.  From Abbot to York, Kittery to Machias, Ogunquit to Mattawamkeag and all the territories in between there is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  The rules I've placed on myself are that each town or territory that I visit will be added to the list only if I conduct an outdoor activity in it (fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, canoeing, etc.).  I'll add a picture from the excursion on this site and I'll log a journal of the trip.  Who knows how long this will take or even if I can complete it but it certainly will be a great adventure and a wonderful excuse to get outdoors.

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The pictures and progress checklist is available here. The journal is available here. A map of our progress is here.

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